Live the Northleft Life: Celebrating Pacific Northwest Vibes with Authentic Apparel

Live the Northleft Life: Celebrating Pacific Northwest Vibes with Authentic Apparel

Hey there, adventure enthusiasts and outdoor connoisseurs! We're thrilled to announce the launch of Northleft Life, your new go-to destination for apparel that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Founded by two passionate Pacific Northwesterners, Jeff Martens and Erik Liu, Northleft Life was born from a desire to embody our unique identity—one that's not just found on a map, but deeply ingrained in the mountains, rivers, and trails that define our home.


Our brand name, Northleft, is a playful nod to our roots: nestled in the upper left of the United States. It's a simple yet profound way to claim our space in the world, blending "North" from northwest and "left" from the left coast. Our mission? To make Northleft, a name we can all claim as our own, synonymous with the Pacific Northwest's distinctive vibe—whether you're from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or find a piece of your heart in Montana, Alaska, and beyond.


Northleft Life is more than just a brand; it's a lifestyle. We're for those who look like they're ready for a hike at any moment, for those who live and breathe the outdoors. Our designs reflect the "mountain core" style unique to our region—perfect for anyone who feels at home among the mountains, rivers, lakes, and trails. We believe in representing a life well-lived outdoors, with products that showcase pride in our origins and the adventures that await.


But we're not just about the gear. Northleft Life is a community of people who cherish craft beer, appreciate a good bottle of wine, obsess over their coffee, and work to live—not the other way around. So, if you're nodding along, knowing that's exactly who you are, we're excited to welcome you to our family.


Dive into our collection at and find the perfect pieces to express your Pacific Northwest pride. And because we're all about building connections and sharing our love for the PNW lifestyle, follow us on Instagram at @northleftlife. Let's embark on this journey together, embracing every adventure that comes our way, always ready to explore what lies beyond the next trail. Welcome to the Northleft—where your PNW adventure begins.

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