Celebrating Our Roots: How Northleft Was Inspired by the Icons of Pacific Northwest Style

Celebrating Our Roots: How Northleft Was Inspired by the Icons of Pacific Northwest Style

At Northleft Life, we're more than just an apparel brand; we're a community of individuals who share a profound love for the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Our journey is one of passion, inspiration, and dedication to crafting stylish, subtle attire for those who hold the PNW close to their hearts. As we launch our collection of mountain-core t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats, we want to take a moment to pay homage to the trailblazers who paved the way for us. Brands like Portland Gear, The Great PNW, Grafletics, Aviator Nation, and more have not only inspired our aesthetics but have also shown us the importance of community in the PNW lifestyle.


Portland Gear: A beacon of Portland pride, Portland Gear has masterfully captured the spirit of the city through its locally inspired designs. Their ability to meld community love with fashionable apparel has been a guiding light for us at Northleft Life. Not only do they offer a variety of designs that show off your Portland pride, they are also one of the few places to get PDX Carpet designs! Check out Portland Gear at https://portlandgear.com.

The Great PNW: No one represents the vast beauty and adventurous spirit of the Pacific Northwest quite like The Great PNW. Oh, and the phrase Upper Left, USA on t-shirts and sweatshirts? The Great PNW is where that comes from! Their commitment to quality and the PNW lifestyle has inspired us to create apparel that resonates with the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts and city dwellers alike. Check out The Great PNW at https://thegreatpnw.com.

Grafletics: With a unique blend of sports and local pride, Grafletics has carved a niche in the PNW apparel scene that we deeply admire. Their innovative designs have encouraged us to think outside the box and integrate the diverse culture of the PNW into our clothing.  Check out Grafletics at https://grafletics.com.

Wayward and Wild: Embodying the adventurous spirit of the PNW, Wayward and Wild has been a significant inspiration for Northleft Life. Their dedication to celebrating the wild and free lifestyle of the region, on the beaches, trails, and mountains, has encouraged us to embrace the untamed beauty of the PNW in our designs. Check out Wayward & Wild at https://www.livewaywardandwild.com.

Aviator Nation: We've got big ambitions and that's why this one is on the list. Although not born in the PNW, Aviator Nation's emphasis on vintage-inspired apparel resonated with us immediately. Their success story inspires us to pursue our passion for creating timeless pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia and belonging. Check out AV at https://www.aviatornation.com.

Cascadia Goods: Part of Tender Loving Empire, the cutest and most PNW shop in the northleft, this collection beautifully captures the essence of Cascadia, celebrating the region's natural beauty and creative spirit. It has inspired us to infuse our designs with the same love for the local landscape and community. Check out Cascadia Goods from Tender Loving Empire at https://tenderlovingempire.com.

Tentree: At Northleft Life, our admiration for Tentree goes beyond their stylish apparel; it's their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship that truly inspires us. For every item purchased, Tentree plants ten trees, embedding a powerful message of conservation and responsibility into their brand ethos. This Canadian brand's blend of eco-consciousness with fashionable, outdoor-inspired designs has been a guiding star for Northleft Life, reminding us that style and sustainability can go hand in hand. Check out Tentree at https://www.tentree.com.


Five O Tree: (50🌲) stands as a testament to the unique blend of urban and natural elements that define the Pacific Northwest. Their brand, deeply rooted in local pride and Portland's "503" area code, showcases a deep connection to the Oregon community. With their unique and locally iconic design, Five O Tree has paved the way for brands like Northleft Life to create meaningful, locally-inspired apparel that resonates with the hearts of those who call this beautiful region home. Check out Five O Tree at https://www.fiveotree.com.


Wear Your Roots: WYR Clothing embodies a profound connection to one's origins, celebrating the deep ties we all have to our home states and the landscapes that shape us. Started in Montana, their mission to encourage individuals to wear their pride for their roots on their sleeves resonates strongly with us at Northleft Life. WYR is famous for their Sasquatch and Smokey the Bear designs. They also offer state-specific designs for all 50 members of the union! Check them out WYR at https://wearyourroots.com.

At Northleft Life, we stand on the shoulders of these icons, drawing inspiration from their creativity, commitment to community, and unwavering love for the Pacific Northwest. As we embark on this journey, we extend our deepest respect and admiration to the brands that have inspired us. Together, we continue to weave the rich tapestry of PNW culture, crafting apparel that allows individuals to express their love for this unique corner of the world in a subtle, stylish way.

Join us as we celebrate the legacy of these iconic brands and look forward to forging our path in the vibrant PNW apparel scene. Visit the Northleft shop to explore our collection and share in the love for the Upper Left, USA.

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